Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Congrats to...

BC, Meg, Riter and other W admits! You people deserved it!

And thanks to many people (some of them don't even know the existence of this blog) for leaving comments/mailing/calling/even coming to my place to console. Much appreciated and I feel priveleged to have friends like you.

Things seem to be fine after the initial shock is done with. Now to analysing what went wrong and then to other apps!

Oh, a quote: "success is sweeter to those who have failed..."

Hope something better is "on the way" :-)


Ding from Wharton! Back to drawing board...

Congrats to those who got in and good luck to all the applicants for R2.

At my end, anyway, life must go on...

Thanks and all the best to Alex, SC and company for providing all the support throughout the application process.

Friday, December 17, 2004


First off, congrats to Colormix from s2s! He got a duke admit.

The anxiety here is increasing, and, time and again I wonder to the 21st living the scenarios and how I will react to the news, good or otherwise. But few things have kept me busy to think too much about the decision.

I launched a clothes donation initiative at work after coming from US, and that's going very well. We hope to secure quite a bit of goods for poor in an orphanage we are supporting. Christmas is the deadline for this work.

Secondly, a friend's father was admitted last night for a heart problem, and the friend is traveling, so I was the back up and in hospital until late last night. While sitting in hospital, I was thinking how suddenly things change... a week back, he was fine and running; yesterday evening, he got in critical condition; today morning again normal; and then at noon, we were told that he needs to undergo operation. The bypass surgery is scheduled tomorrow morning. As I have the same blood group as friend's father, and my home is very near to the hospital, I must be there early tomorrow. The friend will reach after the operation is done (ah, the travel), but I hope and pray everything goes fine. May the force be with us tomorrow...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

And this one goes in the honor of...

Aregon! Heartiest congrats buddy! You really deserved the admit.

All the best to you for W decision.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Congratulations to ...

Classy for her Cornell admit and to Vold (no blog and he can't be named either, but this is his monicker) for his Tuck admit!

All the best to Aregon for Cornell and to many many hopefuls for W admits!

Here's hoping to good news on 21st!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Wharton Interview experience!

It was with a second year student adcom. A really nice conversation. Briefly, the questions asked were:

1. Walk through your resume. I weaved my post MBA goals here itself.
2. Why Wharton
3. What will you like to be remembered as post Wharton?
4. Which activities you will like to do outside of class?
5. What will your current team mates describe you as?
6. A personal weakness?
7. Weakness in application?
8. Biggest success!
9. How do you define success?
10. Quite a few questions about the EC stuff I had done/was doing. Like what do you do in this activity? Why did you do that? Do you still do this?
11. Any questions for the interviewer. And before I asked any questions, she told me about her background and what she was interested in at Wharton etc… That was really appreciated as then I could choose appropriate questions!

Overall, I feel it went well. Could I have done better? No doubt! There were times when I felt stuttering, and red in the face, something I could have avoided had I prepared a little more for the interview! I also rambled a little too much and my eyes were popping out because of the well known reasons ;) But I rather not sweat over it and enjoy my time in Bangalore.

She also talked about my flight plans and I thanked her for rescheduling the interview; that again was a nice touch on her part!

Addition: Thanks to Aregon for the comfortable talk which helped me clear my mind from work and concentrate on Iview! And also for the help in travel plans :-)

The travel logistics and the mishap at Philly!!

As you may be aware, I was supposed to leave Dallas for New York! So Sunday morning I wake up a friend for a drop to the Airport. Among the murmurs of lack of sleep, we reached airport and I bid him goodbye. He wished me luck for a safe, comfortable flight and a good interview! But it turned out to be a really uncomfortable flight experience! Having forgotten that I am traveling Domestic, had packed my bags in the night the way I used to do while I travel international. On the airport, both my bags were 58 pounds (intl flights allow 60 and domestic allow only 50). Luckily my friend was there and I gave something to him to return/bring along with him. Now: Both bags at 55. The guys ask for overweight penalty! Ouch! The cost of the things that were increasing the weight was less than the money being asked! But then I had to buy these things again in India (tennis balls, novels, chocolate etc). So I start the tussle of repacking a few things. The airline people were so rigid to allow me only 50 pounds and not even 51. It took me 20 minutes and 2 measurements on the weighing scale to get things in order. And a lots of sweat!

Ok, so reach NY, enjoy the evening and head to the hotel. I was feeling that things were turning for better! But wait! There was a party going on and because of the noise I couldn’t sleep until 3 AM. hmm, again a bad night!

Now the worst part, I took the bus to Philly an hour before my scheduled bus time. Near the NJ-Penn border, I was thinking how things went so smoothly, when the bus broke down! A new bus gets called and we are transported in another bus to Philly. Reach there at 8:45 (the same time as my original schedule). But, I reach there WITHOUT MY LUGGAGE. As the bus’ vacuum system also broke, the luggage compartment couldn’t be opened and as a result, we were asked to collect the luggage at 10:30. So off I go to B’s place to use this time so that I can reach at R’s later, with luggage. Not to be. At 10:30, I am told that luggage will take another hour. So I take my dinner at R's and go to Greyhound station after two hours, at 12:30, assuming that 4 hours are more than enough to get the luggage in place. But, I was surprised, baffled, frustrated… Now I have to delete the expletives here, but the greyhound people were least responsible and least courteous of all I met in last couple of months! Everyone acted as if the passengers are disturbing them! Finally, after a 20 minutes argument with an employee, I hear her telling me their dept’s helplessness in securing the luggage and also that it is a routine with Greyhound!! The company needs some serious change! She was kind enough to let me talk to the garage people and after fighting with the garage guy for 10 minutes, I was able to get a commitment that the luggage will reach in next half an hour. By now it was 1 AM. Finally, after filing another complaint and waiting for 30 minutes, I got the luggage at 1:30 AM. Nice way to start the interview prep, I thought! There was another person like me who had an interview today with Montgomery hospital and I pity his situation as I still had friends to go to, he had none. I hope he had a good interview, understanding that he would have reached his place at about 2AM.

Ok, from now things change really for better! R and the other Wharton friends who I disturbed in late night were really great to make me comfortable. But, we missed the 9 AM class. Yes, all of us! "Welcome to BSchool!" So I attend the 10:30 class hurriedly with R et al. It was a class of Competitive Strategy, taught by Prof Sarah Kaplan. Wonderful! The participation and the smartness level of the class was really high and it turned out to be a great class! Then it was time for lunch with students! Again, wonderful! Though the Au Bon Pain, as expected, is overpriced, it provides a good ambience, esp. to prospective students. And then it was time for interview, about which I will write a separate entry. Overall, it all ended well, and now I am waiting in the Lufthansa lounge now! I will pen my thoughts on interview while in flight! So hang in there!

PS: BTW, I slept for more than 12 hours in flight!! Feeling much better after that. And my colleagues in India are saying that I have lost a lot of weight... so next 20 days I will hit the stadium and gym every morning and get it back to normal! And I will sleep a lot too :-)